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South Humber RAYNET



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    Welcome to the web site of the South Humber RAYNET group or, if you prefer our full title, South Humber Emergency Communications Group. The group is composed of unpaid volunteers who are both licensed radio amateurs and unlicensed support volunteers.


   Our aim is to provide essential and emergency communications to organisations and government departments known as to user services” We aim to provide this support primarily via the use of amateur radio equipment & radio frequencies.

Reliable Point to Point Communication

   Much of amateur radio communication is point to point and independent of network type infrastructures that could fail like mobile cellular networks or similar systems such as tetra.

NOT Just CB Radio

   Many see amateur radio as similar to CB radio and in many ways it is, CB radio often serves as a valuable introduction to radio but no examination or licence is required for CB operation and CB operation is limited to one band of short wave frequencies whereas amateur radio allows operation on numerous bands from less than 1 MHz to thousands of MHz. Allowing both long and short range communication.

Our  Volunteers

  Our radio operators are fully trained and have passed a number of assessments and examinations in order to obtain their amateur radio operators licence. We have developed a robust management structure with all of our members possessing at least CRB clearances, government clearances or satisfactory personal references, in fact, a number of our volunteers are established members of the user services, feel free to contact us if you need our services or further details.

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