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  So whats this free iPhone offer? Well, the link below will take you to a site called KudosNetwork where the iPhone and various other apple gadgets can be obtained for free (well with a little effort from you but free in money terms). So how can KudosNetwork afford to send out free gifts? Well, the answer is fairly simple - when you sign up and complete one simple offer (mine cost me £5 but there are free offers available as well but it was easier and quicker for me to take up the £5 Coral offer) and then get some friends to do the same.

KudosNetwork gets paid a commission from the advertiser you completed an offer with and once you have enough referrals, remember you are going to tell all your friends aren't you?, You will be able to order and get your gift shipped directly to your door from Amazon with a next day delivery!

 That's it, as simple as that, so if you fancy some very cheap or free apple gadgets you now know what to do.


Just click here to get stated