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  The amateur radio foundation licence came into effect in January 2002 after a successful pilot scheme held in the latter half of 2001. The new type of Licence is the “first rung of the ladder” in a new three tier system of licensing allowing access to the amateur radio hobby in the UK. It is a mandatory requirement that a pass is obtained at each level In order to progress onto the next level.


    The training and examinations required for the foundation Licence are co-ordinated by the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) by arrangement with ofcom (Previously the Radio Communications Agency) Ofcom is the government body responsible for the regulation of the radio spectrum in the UK. Click Here for more details on Licence Classes. The length of the course is s approximately 12 Hours and is aimed at providing the candidate with the necessary basic skills required to be a safe competent radio operator. The degree of technical content has been kept to a minimum and should be well within the ability of the average person. A number of practical assessments have to be completed during the course before the final multi choice exam paper can be sat, the assessments are of an informal nature and any conscientious student who has paid attention to the course content should have no difficulty.


      The exam will take place at the end of the course in the form of a 45 minute 25 question muti-choice assessment paper, a pass mark of 75% must be achieved (18 out of 25) in order to be successful.


As from September 2003 the courses are no longer mandatory and candidates may just attend the assessments and final exam if they have the ability to do so. I Myself insist on at least some informal training prior to assessments taking place, the level of this training will be judged on an individual basis.

Amateur Radio Foundation Licence

Group photograph with recent candidates and front centre left to right, the training team,

Stuart M0LDN, Carl G7EOG

and Andy G0MNI

Amateur Radio
Foundation Licence
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