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      Amateur radio is a worthwhile hobby and it is relatively low in cost to obtain a licence, the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) do make a small administrative charge (At the time of writing, £27.50 for the Foundation exam, £32.50 for the Intermediate exam, & £37.50 for the advanced examination, a donation to the course & examination venues owners is asked for (Usually no more than £20) There are various study packs available from the RSGB at costs starting from about £4, if you are successful with the course and examination you are then eligible to apply for an amateur radio Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced Licence for free online and at a cost of £20 if the licence is obtained other than by the online portal, so the total cost would be around £50.00 for a Foundation Licence!! In most cases I organise training on an informal basis, and also draw upon the skills of a team of local amateurs who support me, therefore reducing the cost considerably. I cannot comment on costs incurred with other clubs or organizations but the RSGB do not like the costs to be much in excess of those mentioned above.

As from September 2003 the courses are no longer mandatory and candidates may just attend the assessments and final exam if they have the ability to do so. I Myself insist on at least some informal training prior to assessments taking place, the level of this training will be judged on an individual basis even ex military radio operators have some found some revision useful in order to make the transition.

Anyone wishing to get into Amateur Radio can either email me or, even better, attend the local club meeting at the Cromwell Social Club Grimsby.

Click Here for more information on GARS also known as the

Grimsby Amateur Radio Society

Successful Foundation Licence Candidates, many from local youth organisations