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All Licences require specific examinations / assessments to be successfully completed in a set order prior to the issue of a licence starting with the foundation licence and culminating in the full licence.


Foundation Class


Restricted access to bands up to

10.5 Ghz. (Gigahertz)

10W Maximum Power (When Permitted)


Intermediate Class


Licence Restricted, All bands available.

50W Maximum Power (When Permitted).


Full Class


Full licence privileges in all bands.

400w Maximum Power (When Permitted).


Anyone wishing to get into Amateur Radio can either email me or, even better, attend the local club meeting at the Cromwell Social Club Grimsby. Click Here for more information on GARS also known as

the Grimsby Amateur Radio Society

Stuart M0LDN with recent examination successes Mathew & Carlson

UK Licence Classes