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    This is a private hobby site dedicated to my interest in Amateur Radio but more specifically the Foundation & Intermediate Licences & their respective training courses.


    Anyone in the old South Humberside area is welcome to contact me regarding availability of courses and assessments, I am also willing to help with disabled persons in there own homes if access to training venues is not a viable option, as I am disabled myself I will also ask that you can take this into account and be willing to accommodate this fact and be as flexible as you can.


    Anyone wishing to get into Amateur Radio can either email me or, even better, attend the local club meeting at the Cromwell Social Club Grimsby Click Here for more information on GARS also known as The Grimsby Amateur Radio Society, I myself attend when I can.


Carlson & myself practising Morse code

Stuart M0LDN with recent examination successes Mathew & Carlson

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